Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Rhapsody on Ice Cream

c/o Gelupo

A fragrant herb garden in the early morning. Dusky and cool. Scents rising from the moist earth. Crushed leaves between your fingers. Warm earth and flecks of dark chocolate. Fragrant fresh mint straciatella.

The soft, sensuous fuzz of peach skin against your cheek. Gentle sweetness wafting from the unpicked fruit. Tender melting flesh and sticky fingers. Sun-warmed summer happiness. White peach sorbet.

Both memories from last summer in Sicily, both instantly evoked by the beautiful ice cream from Gelupo. I suspect that I store a lot of my memories in my tastebuds. White peaches will always be Sicily to me - joyfully abundant, sitting in the baking sun eating them off a sharp knife. Those were happy if unpredictable days and ones I will probably never be able to replicate. White peaches are too rare and expensive here to be eaten with careless abandon and the weather is too inclement and I suspect I shall never return to Vincenzo's farm in the middle of Mafia country... However, Gelupo's white peach sorbet is a comfort. It perfectly captures ripe summer white peaches right down to the creamy sweetness of the flesh and the slight greenness of the skin. Normally I scorn icy, watery, bland sorbet but this was soft and pliant and milky yet still float-away fresh. Sorry for seeming excessively lush and sensuous but I find it impossible to escape the language of sex and the body when talking about white peaches. Staid, cold adjectives just don't suit them, even when they are ice cream! Go to Gelupo, eat this sorbet and then see if you can be calmed and measured about it. Really though, if you have access to London I can't recommend this Soho gelateria highly enough. I've been a few times and I hope to go many more times. They have an amazing variety of interesting and evolving flavours. The classics are great but I hope to catch their Apricot Sorbet and Honey, Yoghurt and Walnut Ice Cream before they are replaced. I know London life is busy but do try and make time to come here - it is perfectly lovely and it is open late (until 11pm Sun-Wed and until 1am Thurs-Sat).

Ice cream is simply the greatest of foods.

Chuck x

P.S. Check out this great selection of ice cream/fashion images!.


  1. What a beautiful post! I savoured every sentense. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog - otherwise I wouldn't discover yours. Do you want to follow each other? I certainly will be.
    Have a wonderful day! x

  2. Have you ever tried elderflower ice cream? Heaven.

  3. hi! Thanks for visiting my blog :) Funny the first post i read of yours is this, as...well i make ice cream for a living lol :)