Thursday, July 14, 2011

Menswear to Steal, Pt. 1 - Digital Prints

Queen Michelle was writing about digital prints yesterday and I agree with her; the visual impact of digital prints is undeniable. Also, the influence of Christopher Kane is everywhere and the high street is lagging behind in the creation of really arresting prints. Beautiful, well designed digital prints just haven't been easily available and affordable and more is the pity. However, apparently the boys have an answer. Check out these gorgeous men's t-shirts from Your Eyes Lie - extreme, sharp, brilliant. Great image choices too and only £35 each. Such great designs, I want them all. Think I might have to buy R one (or four) so I can steal it!

The Iceland t-shirt does come as a woman's t-shirt but I am picturing wearing the men's size Large loose and tucked in. It would be just such an easy way to add something beautiful into your everyday wear.

Lucky boys!

Chuck x


  1. Nice shirts!

  2. I love the print on the second t in the top row.

    I'm so happy that big t's are back with great designs. I used to wear baggy t's all the time when I was a teenager, albiet less cool ones. xx