Thursday, July 7, 2011

Like Heaven

(all photos c/o Fashionising)

Really, could the Givenchy couture collection be any more beautiful? This is what couture is for. It made my day yesterday - it is just heavenly. The beauty, the purity, the skill... I got to play with a Givenchy couture jacket last year and I think it was the most perfect thing I've ever touched with my own fair hands. I can't wait to see Cate Blanchett wearing one of these. Although maybe she would float away and that would be sad. In my head the models had to be anchored down. This is probably a sign of an overactive imagination. Read some more eloquent appreciation here.

Have a serene day.

Chuck x


  1. Before scrolling down, I could tell that the collection had to be Givenchy couture and so I did a mini somersault in my head when I discovered I was right! Such a beautiful collection... you're right in imagining Cate Blanchett in one of the dresses. She's going to look even more ethereal than she already does. Btw, I'm literally dribbling over the keyboard after seeing that chocolate/raspberry cake you made a few posts ago... YUM :D xxx

  2. These are ridiculously pleasant. Cate would be so amazing. God would just be like, well, shoot, and put a hat on and walk off into the sunset carrying a suitcase.
    Also, sent you an email!!1!

  3. interesting shots too, they almost don't look real. dress like me then! it's only a shirt, trousers and a backpack, pretty basic really

  4. I totally love your imaginative explanation of the collection! Totally feeling you on the models having to be anchored down... it is so light and translucent. Like something totally from a different world. I think it's totally mesmerizing and captivating too. Definitely my favourite from this season's couture collections. xx