Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Give Me Respect(acles)

I don't tend to have favourite ebay shops. I love ebay but generally I am searching for something specific. Also, I think that ebay shops rarely have the consistency of product and presentation to keep me coming back. However, recently I have come across a shop that bucks the trend, the excellently named Respectacles UK, which sells vintage eye wear to almost unanimously good reviews. So many interesting, unexpected, beautiful pairs of vintage glasses! The wonderful stock and clear photos keep me coming back. Particularly excitingly, they stock lots of gloriously flamboyant catseye and chunky 60s frames. I haven't bought a pair yet because I can't justify replacing my current (very boring) pair as long as they are functional but as soon as they die this is where I will be heading for an affordable, aesthetically pleasing alternative.

Natty, yes? Add them to your Saved Sellers, you never know when you'll need some beautiful glasses.

Chuck x


  1. OMG, OMG, OMG these are brilliant. How do you find this kind of stuff?! I love the variety between the very A Single Man-esque/Harry Hill/Beatnik glasses with the Dame Edna/Mad Men type glasses. Am in love, however I recently got some frames in the Urban Outfitters sale that I'm gunna get Specsavers put lenses into... although they're pretty cute, they're not at all on the level of these specs! xx

  2. These are bloody amazing. I love you for sharing.

  3. These are so cool! Def. checking out that shop!

  4. well. I make it. With like from the local farm which i pasturise, and put goodies in and serve to the ice cream loving public. In winter i sell them hot chocolates and waffles or pancakes. in summer its sundaes dripping with sauce and toppings like jelly beans and sprinkle. So. Are you drooling yet? lol come visit next time your on the east coast of england :)

  5. These glasses are so cute. I like them all.