Saturday, July 30, 2011

Five Favourite Friday Fings

1) You are all savvy internet folks so you are probably regulars on Lizzie Garrett's Tomboy Style and have seen this already. I seem to reference TS almost weekly, apologies for being a broken record, but I just can't help myself. It is such a wonderful blog and I just adore the aesthetic even if I only adhere to it occasionally IRL. If my physique was more cooperative I would be a walking advert for Tomboy Style! Anyway, her TS Grid of awesomeness is awesome - my picture is but an edited highlight. She divides the TS essentials into Standard, Edge, American and Import but I couldn't possibly just pick one. I want them all. Peruse at leisure.

2) The latest issue of Sweet Paul magazine is out and it is giving me rumblies in my tumblies. Scrumptious looking food beautifully shot with lots of recipe ideas. I particularly enjoyed the Soda Fountain American Diner feature - ice cream sandwiches!

3) Browsing the Jaegar sale I came across this Animal Print Pleat Skirt. Love the shape, the print, the colours, the whole shebang. And it is reduced from £130 to £49. Tempting... If I wasn't on a spending ban (I've been a bit frivolous recently and I must save all my pennies) I would snap it up. Also, browsing the site reminded me how great Jaegar's styling is at the moment. They're doing a great job generally at the moment.

4) Phwoar! LOVING Finsk's AW11 shoe collection. Of course there are strange and unusual architectural glories but I felt particularly drawn to this ankle boot. Such interesting colours, textures and materials but still very versatile. I mean, these would go with everything in my wardrobe ever, right?? Uh oh, must stop rationalising a fantasy purchase since they are obviously well out of my budget but a girl can dream. More pictures and greater eloquence at KoS.

5) ... Let us just stop a while and gaze at the wonder that is this Oreo Olallieberry Chocolate Layer Cake. Dark, dark chocolate sponge swathed in cocoa-olallieberry (an intriguing sounding cross between a raspberry and a black berry apparently) Italian meringue buttercream with Oreo chunks, dripping with gold-flecked bitter chocolate ganache. Oh yes. Are those not the sweetest words you have ever read? Glorious. Stephanie at Desserts for Breakfast (wonderful ethos) knows where her towel is. Beautiful styling and mad, inspired recipes.

The sun is kind of shining and I have adventures planned for this weekend. A photography exhibition and a trip to a hilarious sounding city farm. There may well be pictures. Gosh, it is expensive but I'm having a lot of fun living in London at the moment. It is just unlike anywhere else in Britain. It still probably isn't going to make a city girl out of me but I'm going to enjoy it while I'm here. Does anyone have any strange/unexpected London recommendations? I'm always interested to hear about new things. The boyf had a great time at the Wellcome collection yesterday and the Sir John Soames museum is definitely on my list. And generally working my through the This is Naive and Miss Little Lime London guides. And generally becoming obese as I eat my through a city full of amazing food. Might do my own mini food line up soon.

Anyhoo, I'm running late (as ever). What are your weekend plans? Part of me just wants to spend 48 hrs asleep but I am going to try and power through!

Chuck x


  1. Jaeger make the most beautiful things - that skirt is gorgeous!

  2. Are you walking about Hackney City Farm by any chance? I went there recently and its kind of really strange having this little farm in the middle of the city! xx

  3. Whenever I come to your blog I end up dribbling on the keyboard over all the tasty cakes and whatnot! STOP IT :P Oh, I love scrolling through Tomboy Style - there's always nice things to look at that I wouldn't necessarily wear but that still look lovely! Ooo Jaegar do some great clothing but never would I dream of buying anything that expensive!

    You're not a native Londoner? I just always assumed! London's great in the summer... I spent my Saturday chilling with friends in Hyde Park and Sunday sleeping off its effects! Definitely check out the Wellcome collection and have a walk around the pretty area of Bloomsbury while you're at it :) Oh and the UCL campus near it is pretty too.

    Ooo thanks for the advice on applying for English at Uni. Will most definitely take into account the curriculums before I apply... really hope I don't have to read George Eliot's Middlemarch wherever I go - it looks SO boring. Hope you're enjoying yourself in Landan xx

  4. go check out the Museum of London! they have an awesome london street photography gallery up at the moment, I stumbled on it by accident and really enjoyed it!