Saturday, July 23, 2011

Five Favourite Friday Fings

1) You've probably seen these already because they have been on A Cup of Jo and Refinery29 and pretty much everywhere but I am going to post them again because they are awesome. I am seriously considering buying some of these $5 temporary text tatts. Frivolous but so cool. It could be like a practice run. My favourites - 'open eyes', 'hell yeah' and 'stay true'. Trying to think of other 2 x 4s... 'true love', '... lust', 'kick arse'. Any other ideas?

2) Burning Bush collection by Tabitha Gwyn Osler is almost every flavour of lovely. Surreal, haunted, spare and beautiful. The flames are perfect. Seen at Clever Nettle.

3) I originally saw Miss Peelpants's photos of the Madame Grès exhibition on Margaret's Weekly Round-up post and I was blown away. I had seen pictures of her clothes before but never detail shots. They are ridiculously beautiful and so modern. She was a woman ahead of her time. The pleated pieces are easily my favourite although I had a horribly difficult time narrowing it down to just one! A totally inspiring post.

4) I want to be bad ass (or at least dress like one)! That may seem incongruous and it probably is but, nonetheless, it is one of my hidden cravings that surfaces occasionally. The desire was violently reignited this week by Kate's amazing look. I am finding her style, as showcased on her blog PaniEkscelencja, completely captivating at the moment. It hasn't got much in common with the way I dress but I want it in a spoiled child kind of way. I know I couldn't pull off the whole look but I'm thinking about ways I could incorporate bits of bad ass-ery into my life and wardrobe. Into my work wardrobe! The office would lurve that. Also, here is yet another person making me want a longboard - check out Lizzie's uniform and this great, atmospheric video of the Longboard Girls Crew. I don't have the coordination, I don't have the coordination - repeat until I accept the fact.

5) Chow chow pandas and retriever tigers. Just because these are beyond cute.

Have a fab weekend!

Chuck x


  1. Those Pandas are adorable, thanks for sharing!

  2. chow chow panda dogs!!! TOO CUTEEEE!! wonder if they're confused dogs tho