Friday, July 8, 2011

Five Favourite Friday Fings

Clockwise from top left:

1) I've been having a serious Americana food moment lately. First there was the delicious roll full of pulled pork and 'burnt ends' (that is brisket to the rest of us) at Bodean's BBQ Sports Bar in Soho. It was a chips and Corona kind of place, we had onion rings on the side. Then last night, a different take on an American classic - pulled pork with beans and slaw from Pitt Cue Co on the Southbank. Instead of red plastic baskets it was cardboard boxes and wooden forks. Upmarket rustic, if you will. Less cheerful but possibly even more delicious. The pork was so tender, the root beer beans so sweet and hearty... It was only a pity we were in such a hurry that we had to eat so vast I almost passed out. Can't wait to go back and enjoy it again at a more measured pace. Great looking Southern, alcohol heavy cocktails too. Picture c/o Time Out along with an excellent review.

2) Drooling over these Reed Krakoff Resort 2012 shoes and generally admiring the Fashionologie Must-Have Shoe Report. A bit of daydreaming never hurt anyone, right?

3) I really must buy this beautiful Lizzy Stewart print, she has the right idea. It has been a manic week and I need to slooooow down. I don't have the stamina for all of this! My inner OAP is crying out for a rest and some time to myself. Also, I really love Lizzy Stewart's work generally and have been thinking of buying some for ages. Win-win.

4) I'm not sure how long it has been out but I just stumbled across Lime Crime's new Pop Romance collection. Particularly loving Coquette, their super nude. Unfortunately it is sold out on their website but I'm hoping it is available elsewhere. Otherwise their is always mint green - very versatile for work.

5) Frisky and Mannish - how I love thee. We caught their latest show, Pop Centre Plus, last night at the Udderbelly (hence the hasty hoovering of the pulled pork - mmm... alliteration). I saw both of their previous shows - School of Pop and The College Years - in Edinburgh and raved about them on here then. Music, comedy, cabaret, all of the good things. I don't think I've ever heard better live shows and they are such wonderful mimics. Just found out that they have added the Florence + the Machine/Peter Andre sketch from The College Years to their YouTube channel. If you don't click through on anything else please follow this link. It is just ridiculously good. Frisky nails Florence. If you haven't come across them before you have many  treats ahead, especially Kate Bash...

Sorry this is a bit scrappy/messy, I am exhausted again. Current story of my life. I'm definitely getting there on the student > worker bee conversion but it is a work in progress. Have some serious sleeping planned for the weekend and maybe a baked good or two (surprise!). What are you up to? If you have some spare time and access to iPlayer may I suggest The Good Cook and Perfume, both of which are excellent. Does anyone have any other TV recommendations? Feel like I'm rather out of the TV loop at the mo and all I really want to do is slump in front of something soothing. I'm so glamorous.

Chuck x


  1. Ooooo, i love the many suggestions you have. Firstly, those shoes are AMAZING. Secondly, I adore the Lime Crime lipsticks, apparently they're sold here in the UK at a shop called Space NK I think... All that food sounds amazing. I ended up having Nando's the other day which is great but not something to really rave about considering everyone knows that it's great and whatnot! Hope you're hanging in there well, being younger I'm not one to talk about work being hard but I do empathise with stress and hope you'll have some time to chillax after making a cake! Off to check out those videos (they sound hilarious) and possibly catch up on the Perfume programme which my mum's been telling me about too! I can only recommend the T in the Park coverage which's been okay :) xxx

  2. just flick around, you will find something.

    i've so with you on the american food, with beers! they get a bad rep sometimes for their food but they do their thing very very well. have you ever had corn muffins?