Monday, July 11, 2011

Easy Summer Bags

I'm really craving an easy summer bag for the casual, sunshine fuelled summer I am not having. I want to skip around the south of France and lounge on beaches and buy baguettes. I will read existential literature and drink cheap wine on picnics and generally look insouciant...

This is a horse feed bag! Is that not the coolest thing ever?? Typical of Maya to capture it.

Amie's perfect packing for Bali. Wouldn't this be great for the Med too? Ah, Sicily, imagine! 

Jane Birkin's wicker basket is a classic immortalised here by Lizzie (of course). Could she be any cooler? No.

Just thinking of this pretend summer makes me feel happy. I need to bring a little of it into my life. Fingers crossed for a sunny Saturday and a farmers' market. There can at least be baguettes and cheap wine!

Chuck x


  1. I love Jane's basket! I'm working up the nerve to be that nonchalant and cool! Wish me luck. xx

  2. Love everything here - especially the basket bags. I recently saw the 'Baskets and Belongings' exhibition at the British Museum, and besides the wonderful insights into the cultural/social significance of baskets to Aborginals in Australia, the craftsmanship was so beautiful! Would love to find one like the one in the second collage (although I wouldn't say no to the Hermes horse feeder either!)

  3. Basket! What an amazing, classy idea for a bag - and so easy to find everything in it!

  4. Oh, I wish it were Summer here! Loving the Jane Birkin casual vibes.