Sunday, July 17, 2011

And they call it Bunny Love

His name is Petit Gris. Isn't he the most delightful thing you've ever seen? He is a rabbit wearing a Hawaiian shirt!! He is owned by Karen Inderbitzen-Walller and Delphine Avril Planqueel and shot by Todd Selby. And I love him. I love their home too but mostly I love their bunny.

I miss my puppy dog a lot. A lot a lot. I miss having something warm and fluffy to lavish excessively with affection. I miss having someone to play with who is on my mental level. Sure, R fulfills two of those categories (I'll leave you to guess which) but there are still some gaping holes in my life. I can't get my own puppy because I am living in a fourth floor flat and I work full time. I can't get a cat because I'm too allergic. But I still crave a pet and now I'm thinking house bunny/bunnies...?

Has anyone had a house bunny? Does anyone have any advice/thoughts on the matter? I think I would probably need two bunnies so they could keep each other company. Apparently they can be house-trained but they do like to eat electrical cables. I have zero idea how much they would cost to run and maybe it isn't going to be practical but maybe it might work. Please?

LOOK AT HIM!! He is just irresistible. Heart throb.

Chuck x


  1. Um ok Cutest. Thing. EVER. I had no idea you could have a house bunny but I'm kind of like in love with the idea. I'm sure they wouldn't be too expensive to have? How much could rabbit food pellets cost, right? Seriously I'm going to look into this now. I want a house bunny!!

  2. Oh he's too cute! My friends have two house bunnies living with them, they patter patter round the house all day, and have a cage for sleeping and eating in. They are adorable and will let you hold them and stroke their ears.

    They were both from an animal shelter so that's an option to look into maybe?

  3. WArgh. I have a tiny Bunny [called charlie munch you can see his blog here

    and i totally want to steal their idea for the good bunny cave under the dresser its genius!!!

  4. If you ever want bunny advice i'm happy to help. Charlie is very good and clean and doesnt get into too much mischief since i made him a corner he can't get out of during the day. He doesn't get locked in his cage but he has a run area so he cant chew cables etc.

    i've only ever had him, i dont even think he knows what a rabbit would be if i got another one, he is VERY territorial and i think more than anything would get jealous if i had another bunny he had to share his affectionz with! he doesnt like it if i am talking to boyfriend and ignoring charlie. its hilarious.

    Rabbits are great. I cant imagine not having a Munch!!

    drop me an email if you want proper advice though dianneohdeer (at) gmail dot com