Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shake Your Sparkles to the Ground

Damn, Rye Rye is so cute. Good to hear some new things from her recently (including Be Mine - featuring Robyn and her hilarious dancing). Apparently her album should finally be out this summer. I wouldn't have pegged her as a natural collaborator for Prabal Gurung, purveyor of pretty, glamorous red carpet dresses, but it does work. His resort collection is very upbeat and he is clearly pushing a youth message.

His work isn't really my style, often a bit too girly for me taste, but there are some nice pieces in his resort collection. Some smart prints, some Marc Jacobs/David Koma-esque polka dots, some excellent looking fabric mashups . Not too cloying. And I do really appreciate the unexpected Rye Rye luvvin'.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend. I can't wait to show you what I baked today. Craziness.

Chuck x


  1. I really like the seperates in the first two looks. They're not so obviously 'summer' looks, which I appreciate from a designer. xx

  2. Love that tee in the top right picture - just the right mish mash of patterns. And love Rye Rye - if you like that dancing you should definitely check out the vid for Shake it to the Ground.