Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shades of Adulthood

I have been thinking about sunglasses a lot recently. Specifically I have been thinking about investment sunglasses. This isn't anything particularly new, 'buy some proper sunglasses' has been on my 'To Do When I Have Some Money' list for at least three years. However, for various reasons, they have bobbed prominently back into my consciousness of late. Partially this is for practical reasons - after three years of being very time rich, cash poor the situation has, for the brief future at least, reversed itself and now would be a financially plausible time to make the commitment to real, long-term shades. And, now I am having to wear proper work make up every day (which I rather object to), I find that if I don't wear sunglasses on bright/windy mornings then all my eye make up has streamed down to my chin before I even get in to work. Not a good look. Also, [Warning - this is going to sound odd] I feel like now is a good time for sunglasses emotionally too. Although I will be clinging on to my technical student status and its consequent discounts (oh, how I will miss you) until they are they are clawed from my unwilling fingers at the end of July a little part of me realises that student life is over for me now. I don't know if I am willing to embrace this change but perhaps some sunglasses will soften the blow? Much as I have loved my £4.99 UO sale flimsy trend sunglasses perhaps some real sunglasses will help ease the step into so-called 'adulthood' (barf - hate the term applied to myself, sorry)?

The interwebz has been taunting me with lovely sunglasses recently too. Tricia and R A both have the fab Rodarte for OC sunnies. Luckily that particular shade of putty makes me look like the undead so they are not a direct temptation but they have my tastebuds tingling as it were. I'm sure a lot of you saw the Mister Spex 'Bloggers Say: Wear Sunglasses' campaign. Shini looked particularly gorgeous (unsurprisingly) and I loved Natalie's Tom Ford cats eye shades. It was also nice to see fashion bloggers promoting something more healthy and productive than, say, 'Bloggers Say: Wear Dalmatian Print'. Don't get me wrong, that is a campaign that I would love to see and I fully support dalmatian print in moderation but proper UV filters are something we really should support. Similarly, I always appreciate beauty bloggers drawing attention to products within built in sunscreens.

However, my perfect sunglasses had always eluded me until recently. Yes, I enjoy Prada's boiled sweets and baroque numbers, A. Wang's wingtips are hot and plaid prints suit my interest in Vassar girls and all things preppy. Personally though, I feel that if I am going to commit serious money to a pair of sunglasses I want something that is going to look great forever. I keep coming back to Ray-ban - their Clubmasters, their Wayfarers, even their aviators when I am in a Tomboy/Topgun mood. They are classic and I love them but I have always had an embarrassing problem with them... My big moonface. Sad truth. I have a giant head and clearly a proportionally large face because sunglasses often look too small or just plain wrong on me. It looks like my face is trying to eat standard Wayfarers. There is a mental image for you!

Hallelujah though, I have just discovered the Wayfarer Large (as seen above). They look like normal Wayfarers but they fit my face. They look awesome, if I do say so myself. No undignified struggle between shade and face, just perfectly proportioned classic cool. I'm kind of glad that Wayfarers are no longer really 'on trend' like they were a couple of years ago so they can go back to reveling in their historical awesomeness without being absolutely everywhere. Yes, Audrey Hepburn is the obvious Wayfarer icon and I do hope to channel her from time to time but, for me, it is really all about the Blues Brothers.

This is the summer. I am going to make grown up sunglasses happen. It is going to be great.

What about you? Trend or classic? Disposable or investment? Or both? Where from? What style? I want to know.

Chuck x

ps. In the interest of full disclosure, this is a partially sponsored post. The emotional incontinence and general verbosity are all mine though. Oh yeah.


  1. i sold or gave away all my cheap sunglasses after a got some brown ray ban wayfarers, i don't feel like i need anymore now. they are much more durable. i say invest

  2. i live in my black wayfarers!

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