Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Money Savers

Just think about it - if you buy yourself these three pairs of amazing Marni shoes on Yoox now you will save yourself €242! And then think of all the treats you could buy yourself with that money you have saved. Flawless logic, yes?

Carolina knows what I'm talking about - gorgeous.

Chuck x


  1. My friend has the last pair in black. She made me wear them about a year ago (I know, 'made me'- long story... Anyway, they hurt like crazy and I fell over in them. Never again. My trust for Marni shoes is forever lost. 'twas a fun night in the end. A few drinks made the pain bearable! x

  2. This is exactly my logic when shopping.. Ooh those shoes are lovely. I daren't buy expensive shoes because I know I'd ruin them. (Ha, I say that as if i have the money to buy expensive shoes. I definitely don't.)

  3. I love your logic!! Haha. I like the last one a lot... shoe porn, whaa??? Haha.

  4. I think the same thing when I shop! These shoes are amazing!

    sorelle in style

  5. I think I've contemplated buying these since forever.