Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lightness and Air

My affection for Draw in Light does not wane. I just love their free-hand, painterly prints and the soft, fluid things they choose to do with them. There are new shapes, new colours, new techniques each season but their aesthetic is fairly consistent which I appreciate. Their Pre-SS12 collection has just come out and it is delightful, as ever. Some delicious candy colours and ombre and splatter effects. I want to wear everything everyday. I am slightly nervous about the fact that they now have me craving a tight blonde perm but I guess you can't have it all...

I really must head over to Liberty to try some of their stuff on although I imagine it would be hard to walk away from!

Chuck x

P.S. Had the most delicious meal tonight here. I could barely walk home. Pulled pork is going near the top of my 'Things to make for Dinner when I have some spare time' list. Thanks G, just what I needed!


  1. More Draw in the Light greatness! I love the top two looks and the bottom two looks the most:) xx

  2. Pulled pork is the best. Those dresses are lovely, really nice and slouchy without any of that contrived Alexander Wang-ish vibe.

  3. the colour pallet is gorgeous! x

  4. I love the last two looks! I'm definitely all about cotton-candy colors.

  5. this is suuuuuch an amazing collection! thanks for the introduction! and thanks soooo much for your awesome comment! much love

    ashley <3


  6. This brand looks super pretty! Thank you for sharing. I haven't heard of it before.