Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June Blooms

I've walked past this Hobbs dress in their store window a bunch of times in the last week or so and, I have to say, I really like it. Yes, it is very strongly influenced by Stella MacCartney's botanical resort dresses but that was a gorgeous collection. I want to own every single botanical piece from it and wear them all at once - dress, jacket, bag... Perfick. The Hobbs version is much more achievable (although still out of my price range) and it isn't such a direct copy that it makes me feel uncomfortable. Mostly though I think it chimes with my current serious yearnings for flowers. Not florals, flowers. There are peonies everywhere and it makes me so happy. They are my favourite flowers but so tragically seasonal. I enjoy them all the more when they're out though, I guess. There are so many other lovely flowers out now too - I couldn't resist this gorgeous bunch of Sweet Williams (best named flowers?) for £1.99 when I was at the cinema. These glorious early summer blooms are making me want to wear big, bold, accurate flower printz, not small, abstract, chintzy florals and the Hobbs dress and the S Mac original are totally ticking my boxes. I am also now craving antique botanical prints - there is an etsy/ebay project. And I want to bedeck my flat in fresh flower, I want them flowing from every surface, glorious and gaudy...

A girl can dream anyway.

Chuck x


  1. Yes someone else who loves Sweet William, it is an awesome name. xx

  2. The Hobbs dress looks gorgeous and I definitely get where you're coming from about wanting flower-prints and not florals. After seeing Stella McCartney's resort collection when it first came out I was enamoured with botanical prints and wondered why nobody had done them in the first place as an alternative to the overrated florals. There's a vase of some fresh sunflowers and little roses that my dad got my mum in the living room and I think I'll take in more of its beauty since reading your post :) xxx

  3. Both of those dresses are great! I totally know what you mean about wanting to see fresh flowers spilling out all over the place:) xx