Saturday, June 18, 2011

Five Favourite Friday Fings

Clockwise from top left:

Penhaligons Lily & Spice EDP - 50% off at Brand Alley - I've been craving Penhaligon loveliness ever since reading Isabelle's post about the Penhaligon scent event. I haven't actually smelt this but the packaging is reliably beautiful.

So many gorgeous looks like this one from 11th Moon. I love these perfect, simple clothes and great styling - wish I had the teeny tiny waist to look this good in them. Seen on gorgeous tumblr sig et al.

Katie Rowland's Rose Lilith Fang Ring - just a fab piece of jewellery that I am really craving. Reminiscent of Dominic Jones in a great way. Also, Lilith is an interesting pre-Christian, daemonic female figure.

One of a beautiful set of new drawings from Ventricular Projects, a lovely blog I've recently discovered. I hope they'll print them for their shop.

How perfect is this cover of the Canadian zine L'√Čtranger by Erika Altosaar? Seen at ice floe - I totally agree about wanting to buy it and frame it! Such beautiful illustration.

I might try and make this a regular(ish) feature to pull together the little things I have seen over a busy week. Might have been a bit overambitious with my work/socialising balance this week and am subsequently knackered so apologies for the lack of in depth, coherent posts. Massive fail last night - tried to go to late night at London Zoo but the weather was against us. I keep thinking it is summer and going out without a coat or umbrella but it is NOT summer. Got soaked through to my skin just getting from the tube station to the zoo and couldn't face a couple of hours pottering around outside. Sad times. Went a dripped in a restaurant instead. Being in cold, soggy clothes for six hours is not fun. If you don't hear from me again I have probably gone down with influenza...

What are your plans for the weekend? If the rain lets up I might head to see Bad Teacher. There is just something so soothing about idiot comedy and I am a big fan of Cameron Diaz, I think she is charming. Might try and take the boat to get to the cinema too! Fun fun (weather dependent).

Chuck x


  1. Thanks for the shoutout!
    I want all of this stuff...might have to get that zine!

  2. Ahh you should go to a Penhaligon.. my mum treats herself to a perfume there every now and then. The prices are ludicrous but it's amazing in there! They even have HUGE bottles that sell for £5000 or something.. x

  3. The Penhaligon scent looks gorgeous, what a beautiful bottle, it definitely makes me long to know what it smells like.

  4. i would like all of the above please, kthnx.