Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dreams of Comfort

This is what I want to be wearing:

The allure of grown up office-y clothes has worn off very quickly. They're fitted, they crease, they don't appreciate wriggling or fidgeting. All I want to wear now (8 days in) is comfy, slouchy, casual clothes and Ashley Rowe's work fits the bill exactly. It is deliciously comfy-looking but still beautiful. I haven't hit straight Slanket quite yet - I'm fairly relaxed if quite tired. I love the colours here, individually and together, I love the dye patterns and the draping, I love the nonchalance combined with the perfect red lip...

It is perfect, is it not?

Btw, does anyone have any magic tips for looking smart/presentable on a daily basis that require zero effort from my lazy ass? The real world is tough!

Chuck x


  1. Wear jersey dresses. They don't need ironing and don't crease. Saves time and effort and you always look good!

  2. That t shirt is HUGE. It looks perfect for my fashionable, non-slanket needs.

  3. I love the skirt, but the whole look seems so comfortable. xx

  4. I always have a thing about 'work' clothes...pencil skirts, those crisp white shirts...but you're right they're so unwearable! This however looks very comfy :) x

  5. Oh I do love a slouchy outfit!
    As for the office, I'd probably wear something smart on the bottom and wear a comfy black jumper on top :)

    Rosie x

  6. This is perfect! I'm craving casual comfort these days, too.

    sorelle in style

  7. That is a stunnig outfit. I suspect if I attempted it I would look more slob than chic though!

    I recommend dresses for looking dressed up with minimal effort. You don't need to match anything to it, just add a pair of shoes and youi are good to go!

  8. That outfit looks AWESOME. I don't have the figure for wearing such non-fitted things, though! :(