Monday, June 20, 2011

Best of Liberty Sale - Prints

Gosh, Liberty has some beautiful print pieces in its sale. I wonder if they target them specifically given their print heritage? Probably. Maybe that is a daft question. These are particularly lovely - they make me feel very serene. There is something so wonderful about watercolours. I wonder if I could imitate something similar (on paper) for the flat? Worth a try possibly. Anyway, it is always nice to be reminded of old favourites like Draw in Light and new faces like Piazza Sempione.

Hope you made it through Monday ok.

Chuck x


  1. Ahh amazing. still far too expensive for little old me, but beauties all the same. x

  2. I love the Draw in the Light version. I think trying your hand at water colours is a great idea. They're usually affordable and even if you make a mess out of it, it still looks good:) xx

  3. if only I had a spare £322.50 for that dress!

  4. Oooo these pieces are gorgeous, they definitely look like pieces of art only you can wear them. Almost like 'be your own gaga' except more like 'be your own pollock' in terms of the 3.1 philip lim dress. So pricey though! :) xxx