Monday, May 16, 2011

Thinking Hats

My giant, ultimate, double deadline is on Friday - eek! I left the house today (to go to a tutorial - nothing cool or exciting, don't worry) and it felt like a whole new, unexplored world out there. You know things have got bad when not one, but two of your flatmates separately comment, with genuine surprise, on how great you look wearing clothes. My pyjamas are exhausted at the moment from over-wear. Luckily, while my body has been looking gross my head has been looking very natty...

Behold my thinking hat!

A genooine panama purloined from my father, it is my new favourite thing. I like to think that it helps me concentrate on my work. This is possibly a sign of my impending mental breakdown but let's not focus on that. Let us focus on the lovely hat.

I have a massive head. Plenty of people say they have big heads but mostly only those people who have never got into a head measuring competition with me. This is a large panama - it comes down over half of R's face, right down to the nose, it is like seeing a small child wear a saucepan for a hat - but I can only just cram it on. I love hats but because of my freakish head sizing issue they are very rarely an option. Hence why I was so excited when I realised I could jam on the above panama.

I'm crushing on hats quite hard at the moment. Obviously there is the beautiful Maison Michel hat which is properly rooting it self down in my subconscious and now these gorgeous bec & bridge RAFW 11 pieces of pastel perfection.

I could not love these anymore. They are perfect hats. They are a collaboration between bec & bridge and Australian heritage-y brand Akubra (who have some very covet-able hats of their own). I want them in my life.

Sadly, that seems unlikely. So many obstacles. A) I don't even know if these are going into general production (!). B) Akubra doesn't have any UK stockists. C) bec & bridge seems to have fairly limited UK availability. D) I maybe couldn't afford them. E) I have a ginormous head so they wouldn't fit anyway. Mega sad face.

A more realistic replacement for that dream might be something from Christys' Hats. They've been on my radar for a while as somewhere that does XL hats as opposed to 'one size fits my ear'. I've checked their measurements and I think their XL might just be big enough for me. As well as their generous sizing they have an impressive array of lovely hats made in Britain. I'm particularly taken with the Knightsbridge...

It's going on my 'When/If I have a bit of money in the summer' shopping list. Also on there, a set of What Katie Did undies - been on my theoretical lists forever. I can't remember what else. I need to start writing actual list not just in my head lists because clearly those aren't reliable. Because clearly I'm beginning to lose the plot just a little.

Chuck x


  1. I do love a good hat. I've only just started wearing them recently. So perfect for when I cant be assed to wash my hair ;)

  2. You're thinking hats? We're thinking; RIGHT ON!!

  3. Hats are so in. The last one reminds me of Gucci Fall/Winter 2011/2012. I love hats, you can never go wrong with them..


  4. I'm loving all these hats! I really want a good summer hat as my hair always bleaches in the sun - do not want that to happen!

  5. The panama looks great, and those girls look so cute in their matching purple hats!
    Hope all goes ok with the deadline,

    Rosie x

  6. What katie did undies = love. I wish I could pull off hats, I have quite a few. x hivenn

  7. oh i love hats like these!!

  8. Ah that hat is gorgeous- perfect to add a bit of edge. I'm so with you on the novelties of leaving the house, I work part-time in a shop (with a nasty uniform) and as a part-time freelancer writer working from home, (usually in my PJ's), so wearing normal clothes and leaving the house for something other than work is always rather special :)


  9. I am sooo not a hat person. Love'em - but they look hideous on e! They look great on my best friend too which makes it even worse! Thanks for your get well comment :) x

  10. seems like as soon as it's summer, fedoras and beach hats are totally everywhere. will make sure to be prepared and get them packin' for bali next month!



  11. The hat is amazing. People should use the word "purloined" more. xx

  12. You clearly need a big hat to hold all of that brain :) That last purple one is lush, you're lucky to be a 'hat-person,' I'm more in favour of scarves personally... good luck with your deadline flower! My latest post coincidently is about plans for summer, so tell me all about what you've got up your sleeve when you've finished :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad