Friday, May 20, 2011

Shopping Montage

They are in! Strange sense of exhausted anti-climax... I did everything I could and now I just have to wait. Blargh. In the meantime I'm going to settle down for a very early night and some Grey's Anatomy. Ah, heaven.

Anyway, I popped down to Broadmead, the chain store capital of Bristol, after the hand-in to see what the shops had in stock. Quite feel like treating myself post deadline and I saw a couple of nice things but I couldn't decide - this is where you come in! I'm currently incapable of making decisions and I need your help. Yes, I mean you.

  1. The first outfit is actually a trick - I LOVE this top (for some reason the website doesn't have the mustard/white combination I'm so delightfully modelling), the little detail, the colour, the stripes, the slightly thicker material etc. but even the L didn't quite fit my XL chest. Stupid chest. Please other people buy and appreciate how lovely and expensive it looks. I like the mauve (?) skirt but it is something crazy like £60 and I don't love it. 
  2. On to the first real competitor - the Zara hot pink trousers. They're gorgeous; again a nice thick-ish fabric, not lycra-y like many of Zara's trousers, flat front, sharp crease, natty turn ups, knock out colour... My only issue is that I'm kind of between sizes. Geez, Zara's sizing is inconsistent! [A complaint for another day.] One size was arguably too tight and the next size was kind of loose around the crotch. I might be willing to overlook this though because they are so smart. Also, I can totally envisage myself going to work in these. Another factor that I haven't mentioned - ideally whatever item I buy would fit into my home wardrobe and my upcoming office wardrobe. I'm willing to be a bit flamboyant at the office but this is still a men in suits kind of a place...
  3. The second contender - the Zara bright orange skirt. You may know by now that I am a big fan of orange and this would be a new height of orange for my wardrobe. I love the colour and the vaguely 60s shift shape and pockets. I LOVE a skirt/dress with pockets, they make me happy, they give my hands something to do. I think this may be the most flattering contender. Also, I really need some skirts. I am suffering a serious skirt draft at the moment.
  4. And finally - the UO silky sleeveless shirt (not online). More vibrant colour. Sense a theme? I know that colour blocking is old news by now but I'm still feeling deeply attracted to bright brights. They're so cheerful and I have so much neutral in my wardrobe for them to pop against. I have been looking for a sleeveless shirt for ages and this was actually my favourite item in the changing room. I very nearly bought it BUT there are some serious cons - it is quite cropped and there is a serious risk of my flashing people my stomach and no one is ready for that, there is also quite a lot of bra action going on which isn't really office suitable and the price! This a small top, you do not get much for your excessive amount of money. I'm not surprised UO are struggling financially, it is shockingly expensive in there... 

Sadly, I feel that the enthusiastic ebay-ing I have been doing recently has ruined the high street for me. Everything is just SO expensive. I actually think my two Zara pieces are quite reasonable but at the same time that money would just go so much further on ebay! It is a treat to have new new clothes though and I have worked wery wery hard... If I were to treat myself to one thing what should it be?

Chuck x


  1. I really like the hot pink zara trousers, they are definitely may fave :) I also have the same problem when it comes to trousers and always seem to be inbetween sizes!

    Ps. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)

  2. I would go for the orange skirt. It fits well, you love orange and you need a new skirt! Pants have to fit perfectly otherwise you won't feel comfortable in them. You don't want drop crop action and you don't want to sport a front wedge either. Eww! x
    Ps. The hair looks awesome!

  3. Correction of spelling: crop was meant to be 'crotch'. What s sexy typo!

  4. I'm pretty sure Zara have the worst sizing ever. Such a shame too.

    My favourites are the first and the third outfit, but you are right, those prices are pretty steep, I'm just not sure highsreet is worth it any more.

  5. Have you noticed the blue top would go really well with both the orange skirt and pink trousers? What a shame you can't buy all 3! I like the pink trousers best as it seems they would be most versatile, but that depends on whether you can live with the sizing problem x

  6. I find myself tutting at even Primark prices these days. Crazy. Broadmead needs to hop on the independent shops train.

  7. I'm liking the Zara outfit! And also the yellow UO top xx

  8. this is what i am thinking currently, ive been working none stop for 2 months and ive finally handed in my final projects so i am going to treat myself. it's either new jeans, wallet or a jacket.

    i'm well into the pink trousers but between sizes doesn't help. i reckon it's always better to get the size up though as they can always be altered to fit then taken out/in again if needed. the bright orange is cool too. thank you for the comment you left about my magazine, nice to hear!

  9. I love the outfit you're wearing in Zara!

  10. The pink Zara trousers for deffs


  11. Congratulations! And my vote goes to the orange skirt; you look great in it:) xx

  12. I'd go for the striped UO tee and the Zara trousers together - treat yourself!!

    Yeah think those heels in the pic are the River Island ones that lucky blogger got her hands on a while back. Gutted... they're nowhere to be seen on eBay. Thanks for letting me know though :)

    Hope you're having a good weekend.

  13. If you can only have one, I'd go for the orange skirt. It's a great length for work and for casual, will go through every season - you can wear it in the autumn and winter with black tights and in the spring and summer with bare legs - and it's very day to evening which is what I am obsessed with as I always go out straight from work and you need to be able to feel dressy enough to go drinking/dancing in what you're wearing, but still smart enough to be work appropriate. That skirt fits the bill. PLUS it looks fab on you and the colour is beautiful.

    If you can buy two I'd go with the UO shirt as my second choice - just wear it with things you have to tuck it into. The blue is beautiful and it would go really well with the orange skirt I think, though don't take my word on that because according to my friends my colour coordination skills are 'terrible'. I disagree, but I thought I'd warn you anyway.

    I would go with the Zara trousers as I LOVE them - nearly bought the exact same pair myself - but the issue of the bad fit was the same with me and a pair of ill fitting trousers, no matter how nice they are, is always a bad move.

    You picked great clothes - I love them all. I wish I could dress so funkily. I am very much a simple, classic dresser. I love bright colours but I just don't feel like 'me' when I'm wearing them, so I am going to encourage you to get the brights!

  14. oohh. i can't make decisions either. i love them all!

  15. LOVE your skirt in the first picture, i sooo need it!

  16. like your blog, follow u!hope u follow me back ;D
    Like the orange skirt!kisses darling!

  17. Great fresh way to do this. Love it. Xxxx