Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Moving on Out

A man with a van. He came, he saw, he removed. Now my beautiful room is sad and empty. After a year in truly grotty university accommodation and then a year in a cruddy, collapsing student flat I finally found my housing groove. Our house this year hasn't been perfect - I nearly got hypothermia during that hideously resilient cold streak before Christmas - but I have loved it despite its flaws. More specifically, I have loved my bedroom. My first nice student bedroom, my first double bed, all the wall space I could dream of, a beautiful fireplace with a mantel piece... Mantel pieces are the best. Fact. What better way to display all one's lovely, decorative crap? I shall miss it greatly. I'm going to miss being a student generally...

I'm feeling a bit maudlin, so sorry about that! I have preserved fragments of my lovely room, now departed.
May my next nesting spot be half as nice.

R. I. P. Room. You shall be missed.

Chuck x


  1. You did much better than me at university! Though in my first year I did live in a castle, but the room I had wasn't particularly beautiful! Good luck with moving on...not being a student is very weird at first but having more money is a definite bonus! And judging from your impeccable decorating taste, anywhere you live from now on will be gorgeous!

  2. That is one seriously beautiful room. Always sad to move out of a place but hope the next place is even better! xx

  3. Wow your room was amazing, love how you'd decorated it! I also had my best student room in final year.. though it didn't have a fireplace (why do people board them up??) xx

  4. R. I. P. Room !
    Most magnificent room I've ever seen ! <3

  5. You had a really lovely room! Although I'm sure your next one will be equally as nice. Graduating is such a strange time, it was for me anyway. Hope the transition goes well!