Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Look! Chucs Dive & Mountain Shop. That is almost my name. That t-shirt and I are clearly meant to be. Love the clean, fresh look of the website and the general Tomboy Style aesthetic. And they have a Giles Deacon bikini and some Cate Blanchett shorts.

And they have espadrilles and I love espadrilles. And they have them in orange and I LOVE orange. Would so be there if it wasn't for the crazy price. £120?? For espadrilles? Sure they are handmade in el Pais Vasco but my pair last summer were handmade by a sweet little Spanish cordelier and they were
€10. £110 extra won't buy them any greater shelflife - they're still going to fall apart after 3-4 months of hard wear. Just bonkers. (Still fancy an orange pair - summer checklist!).

Chuck x


  1. nice pictures <3

  2. 120 pounds for espadrilles?! That's a ridiculous price since they cost almost nothing in Spain. Have you seen the Espadrilles for babies and toddlers? They are sooo cute!

  3. £120 for those? Sweet baby jesus.

  4. Gulp, that is well pricey! They do look lovely, but I similarly have a cheapo pair from Spain! xx