Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Calming Quartz

I don't really buy into the healing properties of quartz and crystals but I do think they are very beautiful. Also, today has been frustrating enough for me to be almost willing to take a punt on a long shot! I have been craving a rough(ish) cut quartz necklace for a long time. They are slightly ubiquitous on the interwebz but they always look irresistibly lovely on the bloggers who own and wear them. I had seen a lot of very nice but very expensive (at least for me) quartz necklaces but not so many midrange ones. Luckily I have recently come across some more budget friendly but still beautiful alternatives. Sarah drew my attention to Stephanie Moreau's etsy shop Savage Salvage. As suggested in the shop name her necklaces have a tough, savage loveliness to them and my favourites are those where she combines the crystals with rough cuts and bullet casings. They are fairly chunky and generally gorgeous and with $5 UK shipping definitely a possibility...

As you can see, my affection for orange has struck again...

My very gorgeous friend Grace, who also has very gorgeous taste, alerted me to Stone & Honey, another US based jeweller/jewellery seller, that makes beautiful quartz pieces. These are much more delicate but still feature beautiful stones and crystals. Maybe I should get one of each so I can wear them dependent on my mood and toughness: delicacy ratios? International shipping costs are fairly prohibitive ($30!?) but these necklaces are lovely and I can imagine getting a lot of wear out of them...

 As ever, I want them all! So much loveliness. I'm not sure I feel much calmer - maybe fractionally? - but perhaps you need direct physical quartz contact. In the meantime maybe I need to go do some breathing exercises and think peaceful meditative thoughts.

Chuck x


  1. wow!love it!i want one!!!kisses!


  2. Gorgeous necklaces! They have some lovely ones in Anthropologie like that but they're insanely expensive - much like everything else in that shop! If you ever want to buy anything and want to save on shipping, let me know and you can just have it sent to my apartment, and I'll send it on to you. $30 is extortionate - for a little necklace it would cost me about $3 to send it to you! They're being very cheeky!

  3. I think they're one of those trends which is primarily blog-led.. I've never seen trend icons in magazines or on tele for these lovely pendants but all over the blogosphere, they are beautiful! There's something quite technical and scientific about them which is interesting. ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  4. I've never heard of the healing powers of quartz, but it's so pretty.. The amber colored ones are amazing!

  5. I am very much into that turquoise triangle thing. There is something alluring about magical style pendants. Did you like my use of 'magical' rather than 'healing'? Healing is for copper bracelet-wearing old ladies. Magic is for witchy kinda ladies who wear lace and leather. YEAH!

  6. I love quartz pendants, but you're right, it's hard to find affordable ones! I used to collect semi-precious stones when I was a kid and still have them all knocking about somewhere. I'm kind tempted to try and make them into jewellery now.

  7. Quartz always look so awesome. But I will always be a huge and major obsessor of turquoise. I'm still on my search for the perfect MANcessory ring for myself.