Thursday, May 19, 2011

Best. Tapestry. Animal. Loafers. EVER.

Not that there is much competition - I haven't seen many other tapestry animal loafers. But if I do I can't imagine they will ever be as good as these By Paige numbers...

For realsies! [N.B. due to my deadline tomorrow and the general lack of sleep this week I may sound a little hysterical, apologies. Normal mental health should resume next week. Hopefully.] I have been craving some of these slipper style loafers (do they have a more official name?) for ages. First it was just plain velvet or maybe a gold fleur de lys but then Leandra's amazing Stubbs & Wootton maracas loafers got me hooked on figures. And now these beauties...

Found, btw, via That Kind of Woman, a really beautiful tumblr that I suggest you check out if you don't know it already. She has something crazy like 13,000 followers though so chances are you do. I have a lot of love for her personal style and general aesthetic. Anyway, she has just become the proud possessor of the first pair of fox loafers.

They're just so gloriously mad! The serious risk though would be that come high stress times (like now, say) I would start talking to the animals on my shoes like Nietszche used to talk to his feet. You are really handsome, my foxy friends. I like your golden tawny fur. What are your thoughts on gender binaries? Ikr, super crap! ... *I am going to cut this short before I get seriously caught up in a chat with my theoretical loafer foxes*

Chuck x


  1. Missus, these are AMAZING!! Seriously the coolest things I've seen in such a long time. I get paid in two hours... it's gonna happen.

    And I've got two placements yes! One is a 6 week stint at East Midlands Housing Association which starts a week Tuesday, and my second is towards the end of the summer, working for 2 weeks during the annual conference at the Royal Geographical Society. I do Geography & Planning and am testing the water of different industries and sectors to help me make those big life decisions....

    Would love to hear what you've got planned! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  2. Ha, brilliant. These are amazing!
    I love the bunny pair :)

    Rosie x

  3. Oh, goodness. I must have those seahorse loafers.. But then again maybe I shouldn't, because I'll look like more of a socially inept idiot looking at her feet more than I presently do. Meh, too late. Thank you for telling us these beauties exist!!

  4. Amaaazing. Yes to the little seahorsies, yes please! Foxes are quite nice too of course xx

  5. Holy shit. Will you please stop making me lust over things that go against my principals?!

  6. Those are amazing! I love the seahorse pair:) And don't despair, Chuck, good old Friedrich had some, um, other health problems that probably contributed to his foot conversations:D I also just wanted to say that I'm following you now because I always end up back here; your blog rocks! And your comments on my blog are usually my favorite:) xx

  7. Those are wicked cute! I like the crab ones, haha. I've never seen shoes like this before.

  8. I love all of these! Sososo cute!!
    Have a great day!

  9. Oooh! If only they weren't quite so expensive! x