Saturday, April 16, 2011

Women I Will Probably Never Be, Pt. I

The A.P.C. woman.

Inspired by Rachel's post about the new Vans x A.P.C collaboration (they're awesome) I pottered over to A.P.C. to re-familiarise myself with their current collection. Phwoar! I'd half-forgotten how much I love their aesthetic. So nonchalant and quiet and European. Their lookbooks are so effortless. Sure, the A.P.C. woman looks great but she doesn't want to talk to you about clothes, she would rather talk to you about Sartre or the latest art show. Naif cuts, slightly unexpected colour combinations, a kind of louche clunkiness. Intelligent, gamine Parisians' clothes. I have a bit of a crush.

Unfortunately, I totally lack the sartorial (and otherwise) self-restraint to pull this off. I want to put on necklaces and belts and layers and jackets. Too much stuff! And then I want to do interesting make up and quirky lipstick. A.P.C. women don't really wear lipstick or if they do it is a subtle rose or nude. Definitely not day-glo pink or orange. And my wardrobe is too inconsistent - leather! 50s vintage sundresses! Marty McFly! Not Parisian at all... Also, the look isn't really designed for my body type, it is designed for whispy, boyish gamines. Sizable breasts and smock dresses are not friends!

Luckily there is a way in. Gosh, I love accessories! It's a cliché but they do always fit... A dash of French nonchalance into my chaotic British wardrobe. I particularly love the tiger brooch. If it is still around for the brief period over the summer when I have a paying job I might treat myself.

Obviously I can work a bit of A.P.C. into my real life, Elisabeth and Fleurette do it particularly well, and one day I will own their striped cashmere but I know that sadly I will probably never be the A.P.C. woman. I'll still be hanging out at the art gallery though, probably wearing something ridiculous. Maybe something like my new floral denim jacket... (preview soon - v mad!).

Love you A.P.C.

Am I the only one who has unrealistic style fantasies?

Chuck x


  1. i absolutely adore a.p.c, everything is just so easy to wear and wonderful on it's own. i think i need low-fuss clothes, otherwise i just get stressed! xx

  2. Haha, I love your Marty McFly style inspiration ;) I can never pull this sort of look off either, but I do love it on others x

  3. I love their aesthetic too - loving the khaki combo outfit above,

    Rosie x

  4. I adore a.p.c.,so thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Never heard of A.P.C. before. Thanks for the introduction. They clearly have a lot of great stuff!

  6. As you may already be aware, I am A.P.C obsessed. I went second hand shopping the other day and found a deep maroon pair of their standard jeans for $8! Amazing.

  7. Love those pics!
    Thanks for visiting my blog btw :)