Thursday, April 7, 2011

This Week

This is going to be the last of these for a while. I did not pack well for Easter; was very lazy and just threw a bunch of stuff in a bag. Got home, unpacked, realised that all I had managed to pack for a month was two pairs of black jeans, a pair of denim short shorts (optimistic much?), two t-shirts, two shirts, nine jumpers. No skirts, dresses or variety of trousers and very little by way of top halves. Why nine jumpers?? No idea. Perfectly functional but not thrilling for you lot! I am also planning to spend quite a lot of time in my pyjamas writing my dissertation - not glamorous...

This is my perfect comfort outfit. Soft, snuggly, easy, thoughtless dressing. Especially good when you need to be brave. Moth-eaten cashmere makes everything better.

In my sock drawer it is Christmas time ALL the time... I love exposed socks, even if they are a bit creepy.

Hey new hair. I'm not really used to you yet. I do appreciate that you are much quicker to wash and comb though. Why did Topshop stop making their Pippa jeans? They were the best. Sad face.

Chronicling my outfits like this it is really brought home to me how schizophrenic and inconsistent my personal style is. I knew this, I am too indecisive to focus intently on a single look, but it is painfully obvious here. I will never make an internationally acclaimed personal style blog - no USP (apart from unpredictability)! What do you think? Do you have a 'look'? Should I? Is it the grown up thing to do?

Chuck x