Monday, April 4, 2011

Librarian Chic

Librarian Chic

My First Polyvore. I'd long avoided Polyvore on the basis that it would be far too complicated for me. I have much of the parentals' Ludditism about me afterall. Just wrote an article thingy about 'librarian chic' though and thought I would go and have a little fiddle and, as I imagine most of you know, it is ridiculously easy and potentially addictive! The above was achieved in under five minutes and I am now hooked. Expect many more...

I definitely want to be a librarian now.

Chuck x


  1. Polyvore and I do not get along,
    I love this set though!

  2. I've seen some amazing cat eye sunglasses out at the moment! Definitely a must for summer I think.. xx

  3. Amazing!!
    Love those pics <3
    Check out my blog if you like :)
    And don;t forget to click on some adds :D