Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kudos to Dotty Ps

I went on the Dorothy Perkin's website to look for a specific pair of wedges that I have admired in multiple magazines. As is often the case they don't seem to exist. Maybe they haven't come out yet, maybe they have been and gone, who knows. I hate it when you see nice things from achievable shops in magazines that you just can't track down in reality, vair frustrating. Despite being mildly peeved I decided to have a quick browse around DPs and, I must say, I was blown away by their homage to Jonathan Saunder's SS11 collection! How lovely is this? Great colours, great abstracted florals, great length and generally mega cute.

(Photos c/o Dorothy Perkins and

The skirt is currently £22.40, the top is £11.20 and here is a mint belt for £3.50. I think that is a lovely wee outfit for £37.10. I'm wondering whether I could pull this off as office appropriate... Possibly not but I totally want to wear it. Maybe even with the Trine Lindegaard jacket for SUPER COLOUR. Poppy!

I might be particularly enjoying this because I went to the Columbia Road flower market for the first time this morning and it was gloriously floral, if ridiculously busy. Had a wonderful weekend in London and am generally feeling enthusiastic about life, the future, the metrop... Yey!

Hope you all had good ones.

Chuck x

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  1. Yeah, these colours are looking amazing in Dorothy Perkins at the moment! And I don't think many other shops are doing it too, so good on them :)

    Rosie x