Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I packed my bag and in it I put...

Off today for a mini adventure to Bologna. Will be back on Saturday but I am going to try and cleverly schedule some posts in the meantime. Either this will work seamlessly or there will be quite a few posts on Saturday! Has anyone been to Bologna btw? If you have any recommendations do leave a comment/email me on the off chance that I stumble across some internet. Mostly I'm just planning to stuff myself full of ice cream. Yeah...

This is the extent of my luggage plus what I'm wearing on the plane + the boring stuff (toiletries and clean pants and socks!) + the contents of my handbag. Am thrilled to be reading some books of my choice. I've been looking forward to these for months. Maybe there will even be some sunshine - eek!

Chuck x


  1. J'adore ton blog et tes inspirations ;)
    A bientôt!
    Mélanie (pour les amoureuses de vintage : http://fripesketchup.wordpress.com/)

  2. Have fun, sounds exciting! Wish I could go travelling...

  3. Hope you're having an excellent time. The only place I've been to in Bologna is the Burger King in the airport so I'd be no use to you! Though while you're there you could take a day trip to Florence - it's only an hour away by train.

  4. Dear Chuck, did you like The Secret History? I loved it xx