Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flowers and Lace

How topical, how appropriate! I'm sure there will be many flowers and much lace tomorrow. I also think that this River Island floral lace coat with a round collar and ballerina sleeves would be (Royal) wedding perfect. Mostly though I am interested in the reference to Dolce & Gabbana's SS11 show. I was looking through the slides again today and it really is a lovely collection. White crochet and lace and broderie anglaise, pale lace enmeshed florals, splashes of leopard, Sicilian sirens in black... Also, perfect gold hoops, relaxed make up, sexy ponytails and acres of tanned limbs. I am so up for my summer looking like that. On a slight aside, do anyone else's favoured summer 'looks' clash with their general style? My wardrobe is not high summer friendly. Maybe it is for the best that Great Britain averages about a week of high summer a year. Maybe...

Chuck x


  1. Mmm nice. Yeah my summer wardrobe is quite a mish mash.. x

  2. Yeah these are all beautiful, but I quite agree that their main function is to give my imagination something to do. Summer is so erratic these past couple of years, and my summer wardrobe is pretty much just my fall/winter/spring wardrobe but with a light t-shirt. I wish the whole world was the southern hemisphere, but the laws of physics would probably find some fault in that! xx

  3. i guess this floral print is different from most other patterns i get to see since it look hauntingly mysterious in its antique way.



  4. such gorgeous outfits, i love lace and florals, definitely so perfect for summer and an amalgamation of everything stereotypically british x