Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Baking Special - Hot Cross Buns

Honey, I (Easter) baked! We baked, I should say. I've been visiting the boyf and his fam and we spent a delightful afternoon making hot cross buns. I do mean a whole afternoon - these beasties do take some time... One of those occasions where we should have read through the recipe properly before we started. 1 hr rising + 30 mins rising + 10 mins rising + 40 mins rising = a long time. The kneading and knocking back was fun though, it has made me think that maybe I should reconsider my relationship with breadmaking. We haven't previously been on the best of terms but maybe things could be about to change. Admittedly these hot cross buns aren't as good as the supermarket versions but it was my first time and they had their own charm. They were quite firm but they toasted well and, boy, did they hold a lot of butter (which is obviously the point of hot cross buns).

I used the BBC Food recipe and didn't really alter it so I won't repeat it here. I suspect the slight solidity was my own fault and I was too lazy to put the crosses on but I will be making these again.

Happy Easter Bank Holiday y'all! Hope there is sunshine everywhere.

Chuck x


  1. I'm well impressed, never considered making my own as M and S do some nice ones but these look gooood. x

  2. Wow! It seems to be delicious! Um, I also, hehehe.
    A happy Easter to you and a very special weekend


  3. I actually don't like hot cross buns, but these do look scrummy! Baking is so much fun :)

    Rosie x

  4. I don't like them but they look so nice, well done!