Friday, March 25, 2011

This Week

The essay is in - hurrah! I'm actually mega impressed that I have managed to muster four pictures of me wearing clothes this week. It feels like all I have been wearing is a blanket and a frown. I am set to turn that frown upside down though, my workload is temporarily relaxed and the weather is warm and I'm vaguely considering a nap... All the good things!

Looking at these pictures, apparently in times of stress I turn to my jeans. Not a surprise, I guess. Perfect lazy dressing. That said, I am definitely in a jeans/trousers phase at the moment. I had a long skirts/dresses period but for now trousers are in the ascendancy. Sadly Poladroid has decided to crop out my lipstick and shoe choices which are what I generally use to perk up unexciting outfits. Guess you'll just have to use your imaginations...

On a totally unrelated note, I went into American Apparel for the first time in aaages today and I was blown away by the prices. Seriously, when did it get that expensive?? Also, I hear, Dov Charney is being sued for sexual harassment for the second time in a month. Choice. No wonder they're going down the pan...

Anyhoo, here's hoping the weather stays happy for the weekend.

Chuck x


  1. Love all of the outfits. You have a really versatile style. Especially liking the HH tights.

    I feel you re: AA prices. I want loads of stuff from there, but just no. Too expensive. Especially in Euros here in Austria :(

  2. Love the polaroid App, but it does tend to cut off the top and the bottom of photos somewhat!

    I love your outfits though - the plaid especially!