Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunshine and Silk Prints

Lazy weekends, so lovely. The sun has shone for most of this weekend (in a muggy kind of way) and I even sported bare legs this evening. Respectable, below-the-knee, vintage dress kind of bare legs but it is a start. I also purchased my summer shoes on ebay today (photos when they arrive - I'm quite excited, I'll be going Tomboy Style on yo asses) and, in my head at least, summer has arrived! I will never wear tights or coats again! Obviously I am jinxing everyone by saying this and it will rain tomorrow but for now I am optimistic.

In my glorious state of sunshine fuelled optimism all I want to wear is Gaby Basora's silk prints for Tucker. These are from her latest Resort collection but I want to wear them now. Aside - when was/is/will be resort time? I get confused by the multitude of fashion collections. Anyway, the prints are gorgeous, I currently have a massive crush on silk and I love the new shapes she is introducing. My body does not favour the tunic dress but my mind does and I want one! Also, the trousers and the shorts... Lush!

I'm sleepy so this isn't very deep, more of a 'look at the beautiful silk prints and wish for a long, hot summer' kind of a thing. Look...

Loveliness. Particularly like the model with the bob. Possible haircut opportunity has come up, any thoughts on styles, length, cuts etc.?

Hope you had lovely, sunny weekends.

Chuck x


  1. i love these dresses! :)

  2. Such beautiful silk prints! Exactly what summer should mean :)

    Rosie x

  3. These are gorgeous, I have a soft spot for the trousers.

  4. Oh they all look so pretty! I want them all :D

  5. Ooooh I LOVE theeeese.
    As for your hair, CHOP IT OFFF! I'm all for cutting off all of other people's hair but never my own, haha :)

  6. Love the patterns and the way the pieces drape beautifully on the models. Gorgeous find.