Thursday, March 17, 2011

'Rumours I've Heard About Anna Wintour'

Have you seen Lisa Hanawalt's series of illustrations, 'Rumours I've Heard About Anna Wintour'? [Just going to casually amend the American spelling...] If not, you must head over here to The Hairpin immediately and be prepared to spray whatever you are eating/drinking out of your nose. I actually think they make A-Dubz more endearing...

They're just so good! Hopefully Lisa will make them into prints and then I can buy the LV trunk one and giggle at it everyday... That is, until I can afford to buy my own LV trunk and then I will use that time for taking power naps in it. Obv.

Chuck x


  1. This is fantastic and so so funny! Thanks for sharing these :D

  2. hilarious :D
    great blog btw!

    maybe interested in following eachother?
    stop by if you like :)

    Kisses & Love, A.

  3. these are fantastic! have a nice weekend!

  4. Power naps in the LV trunk... Dream office? (Love the 'just going to correct this spelling' btw)

  5. Haha! These are so funny and cute!