Monday, March 21, 2011

Molten Metals

I'm rocking not one but two metallic nail varnishes today. SO on trend. Miu Miu SS11, I'm feelin' ya. Mostly they're just lovely and shiny. A nice, and largely unobtrusive, way to revel in my magpie tendencies.

(Silver Bullet - Topshop, The Old Bill - Butter London)

This is one of those exciting times when the cheap alternative totally kicks the expensive alternatives arse. The Topshop nail varnish is great! Really metallic, really easy to put on, you can even get away with just one coat... The Butter London stuff (which I borrowed from B) is pretty rubbish actually. Very very runny, sheer and sticky and smudges really easily. B thinks it might be a duff but my faith is gone. Go Topshop!

Do you like my pseudo-tatt? I quite fancy it. My current essay is completely vanquishing my brain at the moment so sorry if I am incoherent. Will probably be like this all week. Just to warn you...

Chuck x


  1. How fun is nail polish? I should be writing a report but am contemplating painting my nails beige. Beige of all colours!

  2. You need to get that as a tattoo, so awesome!

    Must check out that topshop nail polish asap x

  3. Loving the nail polish and the tattoo is just the coolest. I write weird things on my arms when my brain is all mush. =D


  4. loove them!!!xx

  5. like the colors of your nailpolish!