Thursday, March 10, 2011

LAA - Lipstick Addicts Anonymous

"Hi, I'm Chuck and I'm a Lipstick Addict. This is my first meeting."

I might have a problem...

(Revlon - Mauve it Over, Mac - Twig, Stila - Sonia, Nars - Shanghai Express, Rimmel - Bordeaux, Models Own - Blackcurrant, Mac - Cyber)

(Lancome - Rose Gravure, Nars - Funny Face, Rimmel - Retro, Guerlain - Regal Red, No. 7 - Diva)

These are a selection of my mum's cast-offs (Lancome & Guerlain), ebay purchases (hey Nars and Mac) and Boots. They're just the easiest way to perk up an outfit. Have to put myself under a lipstick buying embargo though - 12 is probably enough...

  • Mauve it Over and Retro are probably my most worn. The Rimmel lipsticks are quite drying but they do pack good cheap colour.
  • Sonia and Blackcurrant are sheerer, glossier colours. Need to be regularly reapplied/touched up but are probably more forgiving generally.
  • Shanghai Express only arrived this morning but I've had Funny Face for a while and Nars lipsticks are so good! RRP is crazy but they have really good density of colour and they last for ages. They have a waxy consistency so they don't slide but they aren't drying. Lovely. On my ebay saved searches.
Always up for hearing new lipstick recommendations though. Any favourites?

Chuck x


  1. I love MAC Angel lipstick, perfect everyday pink!

  2. I am a massive Nars lipstick fan and have a fair few. 'Manhunt' is an awesome sheer poppy red. I also love 'Niagara' for an everyday look. It's a peach with full pigment. Otherwise Hourglass do amazing creamy stay on formulas. 'Muse' is the best colour and people always comment on it when I wear it. Good collection by the way!

  3. Loooove all of these! Lipstick really is wonderful, and I should wear it more. I have a ton of lovely colors, but only wear it once and a while.

  4. Please can you swatch mac black currant...?

    1. The Blackcurrant is actually a Models Own colour but I might do another lipstick post with swatches soon!