Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hair Inspiration

(1, l-r: Myriad Ways. 2, l-r: Dazed, No. A, Coveted Canvas. 3, l-r: Abbey Lee Kershaw by Josh Olins?, Freja in Vogue?, Lenna Kai Petersen. 4, l-r: Freja by Josh Olins, 11010100. 5, l-r: ?, Taylor's Moleskine, Blondie) 

I've booked a haircut for tomorrow!

Lou and Freja - my hair icons. Sexy, scruffy, dishevelled, rock chic. Low effort, high impact. If I get their haircuts I will become them, right?

Chuck x


  1. Please kick my ass in to getting a hair cut!

  2. I love the hair inspirations!!! So many awesome styles to chose from ;)

    I loved your comment: "I saw a grouchy old lady with the perfect leather backpack this morning" - Ummm that will probably be me in like 10 years (or sooner) haha!!

  3. can't wait to see your hair. these inspirations are gorgeous.