Thursday, March 3, 2011

Felicity Brown - Ruffled Goodness

Mmm... Millefeuille... Dessert rhapsody... Sorry, that is just what Felicity Brown's work does to me. Thousands of leaves of silken ruffles - so romantic and delicious. The lovely photos of her latest collection over at Couture & Crumpets (two of my favourite things too!) reminded me that I needed to check out her AW11 stuff. Foolishly I didn't do this immediately and so of course I forgot for a bit but now I have remembered and all is good. The collection is beautiful, as is to be expected, and I like the new integration of prints. Apparently it is inspired by “Bedouin women, costume and Picasso's etching work” (Felicity Brown to LFW) which are some pretty exciting references as far as I'm concerned. Always preferred Picasso's etchings to his paintings, scandalous or not?

(Photos via LFW)

Felicity's designs are available to buy (if you have a deep pocket) at the wonderful Young British Designers e-shop. Imagine the swish...

Chuck x


  1. Oooh imagine the swish indeed!

  2. I saw some of her work in the last issue of Wonderland... gorgeous stuff. After looking at the prices on the website though, I think trying to save pennies for her pieces might be an exercise in futility.