Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Failures of Will

So a couple of days ago I saw the below photo on Leap of Style (the long chain of tumblr re-blogging seems to lead back to the non-functional - sorry I can't trace it any further). I thought pretty, casual, summer, I love shirts... Then I thought nothing more about it.

Then yesterday, as I was walking past our local Joy, I saw the shirt in the window! Not vintage after all. Summer cutoffs girl popped into my head and I decided I had to try it for the sake of the interwebz. I loved it... Soft, drapey, slightly androgynous, shiny gold buttons - lots of my favourite things. I managed to put it back and leave the shop though, remembering my solemnly kept New Year's Resolution to buy no new clothes.

Today my will power failed me. I broke my New Year's Resolution. I bought the shirt - my first piece of new clothing since before Christmas. 3 months is pretty good but I feel a bit sad too... I've let my teachers down, I've let the school down but mostly I've let myself down (said the inflatable boy who went on a pin rampage). Then I think about the shirt and feel happy again. It's going to be totally versatile, man... Fully intending to wear it to work if I ever get a job post-graduation. And with my black jeans until it is denim shorts time. All the time - I'm going to wear it all the time.

Here is a cruddy webcam picture of me wearing my new shirt with my new hair. Which is NOTHING like Lou or Freja's. This is a combination of having cripplingly straight hair and getting a freebie haircut from a trainee. Oh yeah, and maybe something to do with me not being Lou or Freja. Haven't really decided what I think about it yet. I don't hate it, it doesn't make me want to gnash my teeth and cry into my pillow but I don't love it either. Maybe it will grow on me. Looking forward to washing out the 97 products she put in it and seeing what happens. This is as short as I have had my hair since I was about six - I would say that she chopped about a foot off some of the front! Eek!

Also, on a hairdressing aside, why does everyone want to give me a mullet!?? Had to actively fight not to get one today. When I repeatedly say I don't want layers (my hair is too straight - they come out all tacky and obvious) this means I don't want layers. It does not mean cut me loads of giant step layers and then try and layer my fringe! Jeez... I have spent so much time looking in the mirror today that my hair just looks like a wig and I am sick of my own face - weird.

Can't wait to style up my new shirt. Also, kind of psyched about another 3 month shopping abstinence - it makes purchases so much more exciting!

Chuck x


  1. I cannot resist the lure of Joy!

  2. i get why you couldn't resist that shirt - it's lovely! i love the colours

  3. I feel your straight hair pain! And the pain of the clumsy layers. I cut my own hair now... it's not perfect, but it works for me.

    Love the shirt. I like the way that the stripes look painted on. It's a really nice touch.

  4. Don't worry about your hair. You look super cute. Just remember my own trusty hair theory. Haircuts = evil. Hair always looks better one month after you cut it. Always. :)