Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Carven x Lee Miller

Frankly I don't understand how editors etc. do it. By Milan I'm already beginning to feel the fashion malaise and I'm pretty much out of the game by the time the circus hits Paris. I've checked a couple of shows but my relentless enthusiasm for browsing every single thing that Style.com covers has waned. Instead of being immediately on top of all things fashion I am looking forward to browsing and savouring over the next few weeks. Which brings me to Carven, I'm actually quite surprised I didn't check their show sooner because I am a young female blogger hence I must inherently love them. Blogger Carven-loving is a clich├ę (which I am apparently all over at the moment - I like macarons too, so sue me) but I do think Guillaume Henry is doing great work and he has clearly latched on to what people want to wear right now.

I didn't love everything in the collection but there were lots of lovely looking pieces. Am looking forward to seeing it all better presented because the lighting doesn't do it any favours and sunglasses in the dark is a pet peeve of mine that I struggle to overlook. Also, I imagine the details will be charming. Particular favourites - the tiger/lyger? jumper, the orange blouse, burgundy cable knit, wrapped plaid, dusky blue and Sunday school chic.

(Photos c/o Style.com)

Also, excitingly, Henry referenced Lee Miller as a muse. Not sure where that is coming through in the collection but as a source of inspiration she totally ticks my boxes. Lee, swoon... Model, fashion photographer and Vogue war correspondent. She was raped at eight, had an affair with Man Ray, was an active participant in the surrealist movement, suffered clinical depression and post-traumatic shock syndrome in the aftermath of the war and later became a gourmet cook apparently! She travelled all over the world and met unbelievable people and took wonderful, powerful photos, oh yeah, and she was totally beautiful. What a woman!


Chuck x


  1. Some of these pieces in the collection are lovely! Personally, i love that red skirt, and that yellowy blouse! xx

  2. Stunning. I really love bottom left dress. Swoooon. x hivennn

  3. Carven is getting a lot of blog love, but deservedly so. Everything is just incredibly wearable. That plaid shirt will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.

    Incidentally, I picked up Lee Miller's biography last week and have blogged about her before - what a woman. I LOVE that Middlesex is the focus of your dissertation by the way, keep us posted on your progress!