Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Breaking the Hair Rut, Pt. I - Cinnamon Buns

I'm bored of my hair. I am stuck in a hair rut. I want new, glamorous, exciting hair. There are obstacles standing between me and my amazing new hair though...

A) I am hugely indecisive and I don't know what I want.
B) I have an unholy fear of hair dressers so will only go to smart, expensive, recommended ones and only when I am at my wit's end.
C) I am broke and totally can't justify spending the crazy amounts of money the aforementioned smart salons charge.

I also need to re-henna my hair because I am haven't done it in ages and I am getting rather strange looking roots but it is such a hassle. I use the Lush henna blocks and they are a great product - love the colour, the smell, the extreme conditioning effect etc. - but they are a bit of a bore. Grating/crushing/melting the blocks, distributing the mixture (which, lets be honest, has the colour and consistency of watered down cow poo) evenly through my very long hair, sitting around with my head wrapped in cling film for four hours (I like to give it a good soak), trying not to touch anything, trying to rinse all the grit out without blocking the bath plug... I feel tired just thinking about it. [It is nonetheless on my To Do list for tomorrow morning. Goody.] Also, I kind of fancy dip-dying and henna doesn't love chemical hair dyes. And what colour would I go? I don't think I've seen a ginger dip dye for all them being Bang On Trend. Low risk suggestions seem to be pillar box red or dark pink but blue has been suggested for contrast. Have I missed the boat on dip-dying? Would I be so 2010? So many things to consider...

In the meantime though I have been inspired by some up dos that will hopefully stave off the itchy feet for a little longer. I wear my hair in a bun - does anyone else remember that's what they were called before they suddenly became topknots?? Why did that happen? - about 80% of the time so I could do with mixing things up. I love MJ's plaits (and she did a much better job of getting a photo than I did - see the best of a bad bunch below) and the cinnamon buns tutorial over at A Cup of Jo (below left, obviously, not righ!). Because jewellery designer Caroline who models the cinnamon buns hair do is beautiful and casually perfect looking I thought I would try and emulate her.

Sadly the hair do didn't actually make me Caroline but a change is as good as a feast, or so they say, and while mine was a pretty crap version of the original I still quite liked it. With a little polishing and practice I can see it become part of my occasional hair repertoire. Unless I get all my hair cut off of course! Mwah ha ha... [Aware that I am sounding both verbose and a bit mad today - promise I'm nearly done!].

Do you have any hair thoughts? To dip or not to dip? To cut or not to cut? Long, short, colour, interesting but achievable up dos you've seen recently?

Chuck x


  1. I hate having hair ruts. Some days I love mine, other days I hate it. It's because I'm growing it out and feel like it's dullll. I might try some 'topknots' haha.

    Rosie x

  2. I love the hairdressers =) I take the attitude that hair grows back so if you get something yo don't like it's not the end of the world. Also, there is a headmasters academy in my time that does cutting and colouring for free so maybe there is something closer to you. I really like the buns and with that hair colour they look totally lovely

    Bow Dream Nation xx

    Bow Dream Nation xx