Monday, February 14, 2011

Some Weekend Niceness

Man, I have had a busy weekend! That makes me sound quite cool. Obviously I am not. I actually spent about 20 hours reading Little Dorrit (belated Sunday Book tomorrow maybe) which definitely makes me busy and definitely makes me uncool. Warning - don't ever try and read an entire Dickens in 5 days, it is too much (for me anyway). My weekend did have many small moments of niceness though and I thought I would chronicle them in a photographic stylee...

A lovely parcel from Angela Langford. Tissue paper and hand written notes just make everything nicer. After trying her Balanced & Beautiful face oil in her free sample kit I couldn't resist indulging in her special V-Day offer (buy the oil and get the Perfect Pores serum free) which is still on. I have very dry and irritatingly adolescent skin and most moisturisers disagree with it but good oils seem to work. And these smell mega delish!

Yeah, daffodils! One of my favourite flowers. So cheering. 99p for a mini bunch in Sainsbury's - a perfect spring bargain. I am going to start colour blocking my room now.

Took some time out from Little D to go to the Blind Lemon Vintage Fair at our Student Union on Sunday morning. Loads of sellers come from all over and there is a really nice variety of vintage. There were some truly gorgeous pieces that were out of my price range (although not totally crazy) but lots of affordable bits too. Generally nice rummaging going down.

Purchase the First: my news 'Sights of London' charm bracelet. Love this! Nelson's Column has come a bit loose but it should be pretty easy to fix. There was a bit of a tourist theme to my two buys...

Purchase the Second: hey there, Taj Mahal! Beaded Taj Mahal! On a fully beaded black velvet evening bag. I liked the front of this bag and then I turned it around and I was sold. Fond memories... I'm going to be wearing this out tonight for my wee V-Day meal with the boyf.

Bezzy B made us delicious Rose Cupcakes yesterday. They were from the Primrose Bakery Cookbook and covered in 'princess sparkles'. Romance-tastic!

Anyway, sorry that was a bit rushed. Need to go and put some face on before heading out for dinner. Happy V-Day y'all - and I say that from a nice-opportunity-to-talk-to-and-spend-time-with-people-you-love-inc-friends-and-family kind of a standpoint.

Chuck x

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