Tuesday, February 8, 2011

'The Last Tango in Compton'

This is le sex. So fluid, so perfect. Utterly hypnotic tango in the new VW advert. I want to move like this.

[N.B. I saw this for the first time at the cinema this w/e. We were watching Brighton Rock and this was pretty much my favourite thing about it! Ok, that is an exaggeration - the cinematography is beautiful, Helen Mirren looks great, the battles between Mods and Rockerts were sartorially epic and made me want to learn much more about the history - but I did not like the film. Just putting this out there as a warning, it is VERY violent and horrid and I am a big baby - this is not a film for babies. There is much slashing (arms, faces, eyes) and knives make me queasy and don't even get me started on the sulphuric acid. I almost broke the boyf's fingers in fear. It has also totally put me off reading any Graham Greene.]


Chuck x


  1. To be able to tango... I'm pretty short so any tango type dancing usually results in what looks like a small child dancing on her uncle's feet at a wedding.

    Can't wait to see Brighton Rock - the news of slashing has only increased the appeal for some sick reason. And Helen Mirren is in it? Did not know that.

  2. That sounds pretty cute - the child dancing, not the interest in slashing, I mean!