Thursday, February 17, 2011

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush

Cars. They are magical things, they let you go place you could only dream of. My lack of car/housemate with car means I am fairly city bound. Obviously there are trains and buses but they require so much organisation that I feel quite exhausted just thinking about it. Because of this, despite two and a half years of living in Bristol, I have never made it to Shepton Mallet - a mere 20 minute drive away. Why Shepton M, you might ask? Well, because the Mulberry factory outlet is there obviously...

So, with the parentals + car at my disposal I commissioned a trip fairly swiftly. The bags are obviously the main attraction but even at discount prices they are crazy expensive. I wasn't even considering a bag (I'm no fool/I'm perfectly aware of my bank balance) but I did see a really lovely wallet and I could kind of do with replacing my v grubby wallet... £175! For a wallet. Can't be doing with that at my stage in life. What really caught my attention and I had the most fun playing with though were the clothes. They had a nice selection of clothing from different collections and there were two super bright skirts in particular that I could have easily bought home.

 One was the above from their SS09 collection, which IRL is a dark and very bright fuschia. It is an interesting quilted/padded/moulded/patterned acrylic creation and it is amazingly soft. The other was bright bluebell blue but I can't find it anywhere online. They would have made fab layers for some award winning colour blocking but I couldn't justify £150 each on plastic skirts. They were lovely though and I would have worked to de-cutesy them.

(Edie Shirt and Swing Back Trench, Current Collection available at Mulberry Online)

I don't have a massive aesthetic overlap with Mulberry's girlish prettiness but there are often the odd bits that I would happily incorporate into my own non-Mulberry wardrobe. The Edie shirt and swing trench are great examples of things that I would love to dress down to my own slouchy level.

All this set me looking back over their runway shots and they are kind of irresistable, even if they are not necessarily your style. I got completely sucked in by the red-heads they sent out for SS11. I am going to take a print off of one of these wigs to the hairdresser when I eventually get round to cutting my mop. This is the hair I want! They also showed a softer, more pastel side of colour blocking that I found quite alluring and perhaps more achievable with my existing wardrobe...

Their first Pre-Fall collection wasn't particularly interesting but these two looks stood out for me, mostly because of the great coats and the pop of mustard. I can't resist!

(All runway photos from

I've now got myself mildly psyched about their upcoming Fall show. I wander what variant on sweet baby girl-lady Emma Hill is going to pull out for us?

Chuck x


  1. WHAT?!......I am insanely jealous you have a Mulberry factory outlet store near you! Mulberry is one of my favs!!

  2. I know, if only it was little bit outlet-ier...

  3. Love the brown-nude colors !