Friday, February 25, 2011

Erdem + Monet = Perfection

When I first saw Erdem's FW11 collection I was predominantly blown away, as I imagine most people were, by the mood swing from last season - from white lace to this much darker look. And then, as I kept coming back to it, I was sucked into the prints. I mean, I know that Mr. Moralioglu is all about the prints but these are amazing. I love the Impressionists and I love Monet and I want to wear this collection - everything in it, all the time! Realistically this colour palette is much closer to what I actually wear and did I mention that I love Monet? Anyway, what better way to illustrate my love than with a photo montage!?

(All Erdem from, Monet - Water Lilies, Poppies, The House Among the Roses)

Happy Weekend, y'all.

Chuck x


  1. I love a bit of Erdem (not on my person yet of course)- everything in the SS11 is so beautiful too.

  2. erdem totally bowled me over - love the comparisons you've drawn here xx

  3. I loved this collection today. I was going through my closet today and found a dress with a Renoir print. It has nothing on the Erdem stuff though. :(

  4. i haven't followed fashion week at all but i love erdem for their ability to translate art into clothing, bloody gorgeous!! clothes/life envy.