Friday, February 4, 2011

3 Things

Nothing much to say, just thought I'd share some things I've liked recently...

Cuterus Badge from Vickinator, Etsy. Seriously, how cute is that uterus!?? Want me one of these.

Basso and Brooke are doing furniture! Who knew? If I was a bzillionaire my house would be full of this. Such great prints, so wonderful and garish. Picture from Vogue.

Vivienne Westwood x Comic Relief x T K Maxx (£14.99). Irreverent yet regal - what Viv does best. I loves me a nice bit of Louis XIV and these are nice quality t-shirts. Spent a long time trying this on today and I really liked it but, aside from a few minor ebay slips and a necessary bra, I haven't broken my No Spending/Lo-Consumption resolution not to buy any new clothes yet and I didn't feel I could justify this. Maybe I should re-consider since at least £7 goes to charity?

That is all.

Chuck x