Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Am Cat Lipstick

"And I have come to eat your face!"

I'm torn. I am simultaneously a bit in love with this Paul & Joe cat lipstick (c/o ASOS) and quite afraid of it. The idea of smushing it into my face target="_blank" just creeps me out. What if it didn't like that? It would want revenge and who would blame it! Had a loooong conversation with B about the dangers of angry cat lipsticks hiding out in your bedroom and plotting your eternal damnation. This is what happens during essay week when I have no legitimate reason to leave the house and my brain/sanity slowly disintegrates.

On a brighter note, the matching swan dress is 1/2 price if you have a spare £215. Such a lovely print. The lipstick looks like it is a nice colour too but I can't get past the way it seems to be staring at me...

Oh dear.

Chuck x


  1. I LOVE it, but would never use it, too pretty!

  2. meow.
    you know what they say about cat lipstick's? they get smaller and become kittens.
    x fi

  3. This is so amazing! I love the idea of novelty shaped lipsticks, I wonder if it still creates a good line though, or just a mess.

  4. Completely agree! I hate the idea of using a cat on my lips hahaha, I love Fayoona's comment hahaha x