Thursday, January 13, 2011

Elliot Atkinson

I was intrigued to see that Lulu Kennedy has just announced the line-up for Fashion East AW/11. While I knew James Long, I hadn't heard of Simone Rocha (although apparently 'she needs no introduction' - ignorant, moi?) or Elliot Atkinson. It turns out that Rocha is a bit stark for my taste but Atkinson has some nice pieces in a universal-hipster kind of a way. His previous two collections have featured lot of easy, wearable clothes. I'd say that his aesthetic seems to have been clarified in SS/11 so it will be interesting to see what he produces for his next season

According to the designer or whoever writes his cover, 'the clothes are naturally and characteristically sexy whilst also nonchalant' and 'a distorted opulence runs through the collections, finely balancing the conflicting qualities which give the label its heady frisson' (Elliot Atkinson). A little heavy-handed with the thesaurus but who doesn't occasionally fancy being sexy/nonchalant?


Question: Did aviator jackets or camel enjoy a briefer fashion moment? I reckon camel might be just about clinging in there but I could happily go five years without seeing another brown/white shearling jacket.


Sharper, oui? I like these splatter/marble prints, especially the bed-jacket thing.

Anyway, something to look forward to.

Chuck x


  1. I love the prints, I'd wear all of it.

  2. Me too, it would slip so easily into my wardrobe...

  3. lovely collection! as another chuck, i agree, shearling is getting a bit overused