Saturday, January 22, 2011

'Edvertorials' - Not So Stupid Now

Apparently 'edvertorials' are all the rage. Or so I read on BoF. These are obviously a combination of editorials and adverts. I, cynic that I am, snorted contemptuously at such a foolish portmanteau word [Sidenote - I get regular Google hits for 'cheggings', seriously peeps, twas a JOKE] and at the idea of people wasting three minutes of their life voluntarily watching an advert. And then the Devendra Banhart/Oliver Peoples 'edvertorial' video caught my eye. And I watched it. Because I am a sucker. It was Devendra, he lured me in.

And of course I loved it. It is a beautifully shot video of beautiful people in a beautiful setting doing beautiful things to beautiful music. Irresistable...

Of course, there has to be a hook, I guess. Devendra hooked me into the first video. Then Shirley Manson went and hooked me into the previous campaigns 'edvertorial'. Long time no Shirley in my life - I used (still do really) to love Garbage. This video is more 'quirky' than straight up luscious but still gorgeous with a great soundtrack. Damn you, 'edvertorials', now I look like an idiot.

Killing all my beautiful videos with one stone, I just saw the new (I assume?) Cee Lo Green video. Nothing like the last one. I would like to go to this America, please.

Mmm... procrastination tastes gooood.

Chuck x


  1. inneresting! i thought the oliver peoples ones were quirky cool xx

  2. Me too, I am clearly an advertiser's wet dream.

  3. i LOVE this post.
    devandra is a dream. i always get sucked into watched edvertorials and wishing my life was as beautiful as those small cinematic masterpieces.
    x fi