Thursday, January 20, 2011

All That Glitters is Not Gold

(Hair - my own, Jumper - Whistles sale, Nails - Topshop)

Was just trying on my new TS nail varnish when I glanced down and was blown away by a) the general sparkliness of my being and b) the impressive colour match between my jumper and my hair. It hasn't quite come out in the photo but my jumper is glittery bronze and apparently so is my hair. I had assumed it was red, nay ginger, but nope, it is bronze...

The nail varnish is 'Gypsy Night' and is part of a mini set I got for Christmas. I had already tried 'Utilitarian' (khaki) and 'Silver Bullet' (pretty much what it says on the tin) and been generally impressed. The khaki isn't as khaki-y as I would like - more miscellaneous dark colour - but the silver is amazing. Not the gunmetal colour it looks in the bottle but a really bright dense silver. It only needed one coat to look really good although I merrily whacked on two.

The glittery black needed three coats to look at all opaque but I like the final effect. There is silver glitter for sparkliness but my favourite bit of the nail varnish is the 'gold-leaf' - the chunks of gold film-y stuff (technical, yes?) suspended in the varnish - which adds some interesting texture and stops it being straight up glitter.

UPDATE - the film-y stuff in the nail varnish must be holographic because they changed colour in different lights! In bright light the chunks are greeny gold but in low light they are a dark red copper colour - magic!

A nice set of colours and a pretty great gift all year round, I would say. The packaging, like all of Topshop's make up, is very cute and the miniature bottles let you try out weird colours you might not buy full size. Perfick.

Anyway, must get back to my window sun-bathing. I'm loving the perfect winter weather today.

Chuck x


  1. Love that colour!

    My desk at work was right in the sun today, I was like a happy cat!

  2. That is AMAZING. Topshop makeup is really good, not at all what I expected! Compare it to, say H&M: what a contrast.

  3. OOOOOH glittery nails!! 0.0
    I need to paint my nails quick!! Going to Gok's Fashion Fix tonight and I want to look purty! ^_^


  4. Oh wow! I love those nails!

    Also, I nominated you as a Stylish Blogger :))

  5. Your nails look lovely, nice colour, got to love glitter! xx

  6. Love these cosmic nails !