Monday, May 31, 2010

If Only...

So I was on the River Island website. This is news itself. I am not a River Island customer and I never have been. I don't think I have ever bought anything from them and I haven't been into the store in five years. I have no identification with the brand; somehow they missed me at every point of adolescence. Anyhoo, I digress, I was on the River Island website and I saw a version of the Miu Miu shoes!

(from fallie's epic miu miu post)

I don't know why, given the general adoration they've provoked, but I haven't seen any copies on the highstreet (if there have been loads and I've missed them please let me know!). I would say they're too distinctive but that’s not normally an issue, thinking of the Topshop/LV 'Spicy' shoes off the top of my head. Looking at these River Island ones though I feel that the highstreet is just being held back by a lack of print designers:

(River Island)

At first glance I like them. I like the chunky heel, I like the straps, I like that the sparkly bits look more rhinestone-y than diamanté... And then I took a closer look at the print. HORROR. Cherries, awful awful cherries. An innocent fruit corrupted by the porn industry and in turn blazoned across the chests of young girls everywhere. A cigar might just be a cigar but cherries are not just cherries. They are the double orbs of breasts and bums, they are juicy virginity. They are iconography comparable to the Playboy bunny and the regrettable fact that 13 year olds will buy into this sexualising of women does not mean I want it ruining my shoes!

Phew, I'm glad I've put that out there.
Chuck x

Round Up, Round Up

Welcome one and all to my thoughts...

After many sleepless nights tossing and turning I have decided that what the world needs now (beside love) is another fashion blog. I have spent many years reading many blogs and I feel like now that my university summer has started it is my turn to throw my hat (panama, pillbox, what have you) into the ring.

I have no idea what direction my life is going in so this is going to be my creative outlet and place I can talk/write and think about things that interest me. These are primarily fashion, fiction and food - alliterative right!? I think this blog is going to be fashion heavy since I have the least space to talk about it in my real life; neither the place I live nor the place I go to university are very fashion orientated! That said, we'll see. I'll probably also talk about any other random crap that takes my fancy.

Anyhoo... Enjoy.
Chuck x